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Sarah Johnston, MSW, LICSW

Clinical Hypnosis

Clinical hypnosis is a favorite in my therapist toolbox! A core belief of my work is that people are inclined toward healing. Clinical hypnosis is so useful in minimizing the blocks or fears which hinder the natural inclination toward health. I have seen clients improve their sleep, worries, habits, sadness, and stress. I love it for my work with pregnant and postpartum women who are often trying to avoid medication. ⁣

Let me take a moment to bust a few myths about hypnosis.⁣

This is not your high school graduation hypnosis. I don’t make anyone act like a chicken or do anything they are not already inclined to do.⁣

✨You are still in control, even under hypnosis.⁣

✨During clinical hypnosis, a person is brought into a state of deep relaxation, much like meditation. It is in this state that people are most responsive to healing suggestions.

✨It does not work on everyone, but it is helpful for most. Some of my clients are not into it, but those who are seem to almost float out of my office after a hypnosis session.

I completed the first level of clinical hypnosis training through the Minnesota Society of Clinical Hypnosis through the University of Minnesota Medical School’s Continuing Education. I look forward to learning more from both professionals and my clients.

Reach out if you have questions!